Art Smart is preparing to resume in January 2022!

Add yourself to the communication list by signing up hereNo experience is necessary -only a desire to bring arts education to our students. We provide all materials and lesson plans.


Orientations will be held to go over grade-level specific projects, tour the Art Room, and special clay training. Volunteers do not need to have any art experience, or even be able to draw. There are many aspects of volunteering under the Art Smart umbrella.


artsmart projects 2020-2021


The June Art Smart project will be Print Making, as well as an extra surprise! 

Supplies Pick-Up at Rosa Parks on June 9th, from 9 am-4 pm.  





Printmaking | Subtractive https://flipgrid.com/e04d9fb7

Printmaking | Collagraph Additive (part 1) https://flipgrid.com/3a2cd502

Printmaking | Collagraph Additive (part 2) https://flipgrid.com/eae08eaf



Sewing Project 1 | Step 1 https://flipgrid.com/3894651e

Sewing Project 1 | Step 2 https://flipgrid.com/37de98a5

Sewing Project 1 | Step 3 https://flipgrid.com/ec33c29d




Sewing Project 2 | Step 1 https://flipgrid.com/603d9ebe

Sewing Project 2 | Step 2 https://flipgrid.com/e4050426

Sewing Project 2 | Step 3 https://flipgrid.com/9537350b

Fixing a mistake               https://flipgrid.com/6fa39a61





Clay | Getting Started https://flipgrid.com/c36a57fa

Clay | Textures, Part 1 https://flipgrid.com/e4211ede

Clay | Textures, Part 2 https://flipgrid.com/7eb3aa0f

Clay | Textures, Part 3 https://flipgrid.com/1636106f

Clay | The Basics https://flipgrid.com/b6f96d63

Clay | Landscape Plaque https://flipgrid.com/3ca6c9bd

Clay | Cupcake Container https://flipgrid.com/2137ce16

Clay | Monogram Wall Hanging https://flipgrid.com/47ed0e40

Clay | Leaf Bowl https://flipgrid.com/31b24618

Clay | Sculptures https://flipgrid.com/cde5bd3e

 Clay | Painting Overview https://flipgrid.com/34509c5e

Clay | Painting with included paints https://flipgrid.com/0636180b

Clay |Painting more techniques https://flipgrid.com/729f5d8e

Questions may be directed to Artsmart  at: artsmart@rosaparksptsa.org



Paper Weaving: https://flipgrid.com/4f10da73

Make Your Own Paper Loom: https://flipgrid.com/445b9938


Circle Loom Weaving Step 1 of 4 "Creating the Loom:": https://flipgrid.com/5a5ec18d

Circle Loom Weaving Step 2 of 4 "How to Weave": https://flipgrid.com/b7fd18ab

Circle Loom Weaving Step 3 of 4 "How to Add Yarn": https://flipgrid.com/cad2a6ae

Circle Loom Weaving Step 4 of 4 "Finishing the Circle Loom": https://flipgrid.com/dbea9a1a


Additional Resources:

Paper Weaving 

                            Circle Loom Weaving (with a paper plate)



For February we're moving away from paints to get creative with a variety of new mediums!

Try out these ideas with the provided materials: 


Pipecleaner Sculptures

Craft wire Sculptures

 "Twisteez Lessons"


"Twisteez How-To Videos"










Rosa Parks PTSA would love to see your work!

Click on our Facebook page below to share your pictures! 

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