Art Smart is a Rosa Parks PTSA-sponsored program that exposes our students to various artists, styles, techniques, and art movements. This program provides a creative opportunity for our students to make their own works of art inspired by those lessons. Each month a group of parent volunteers lead a prepared art lesson (you won’t be alone and the curriculum already exists!) 



Fall Orientation: Sept. 28 at 8:50am, Art Room

Clay Orientation: Oct. 11 at 8:50am, Art Room


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Questions? Email Nicole Alvarez, Jackie Mitchell, & Elizabeth Sayed at


art smart projects 2020-2021


The June Art Smart project will be Print Making, as well as an extra surprise! 

Supplies Pick-Up at Rosa Parks on June 9th, from 9 am-4 pm.  





Printmaking | Subtractive

Printmaking | Collagraph Additive (part 1)

Printmaking | Collagraph Additive (part 2)



Sewing Project 1 | Step 1

Sewing Project 1 | Step 2

Sewing Project 1 | Step 3




Sewing Project 2 | Step 1

Sewing Project 2 | Step 2

Sewing Project 2 | Step 3

Fixing a mistake     





Clay | Getting Started

Clay | Textures, Part 1

Clay | Textures, Part 2

Clay | Textures, Part 3

Clay | The Basics

Clay | Landscape Plaque

Clay | Cupcake Container

Clay | Monogram Wall Hanging

Clay | Leaf Bowl

Clay | Sculptures

 Clay | Painting Overview

Clay | Painting with included paints

Clay |Painting more techniques

Questions may be directed to Artsmart  at:



Paper Weaving:

Make Your Own Paper Loom:


Circle Loom Weaving Step 1 of 4 "Creating the Loom:":

Circle Loom Weaving Step 2 of 4 "How to Weave":

Circle Loom Weaving Step 3 of 4 "How to Add Yarn":

Circle Loom Weaving Step 4 of 4 "Finishing the Circle Loom":


Additional Resources:

Paper Weaving 

                            Circle Loom Weaving (with a paper plate)



For February we're moving away from paints to get creative with a variety of new mediums!

Try out these ideas with the provided materials: 


Pipecleaner Sculptures

Craft wire Sculptures

 "Twisteez Lessons"

"Twisteez How-To Videos"









Rosa Parks PTSA would love to see your work!

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