What is Spelling Bee?
Rosa Parks has enrolled in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which is one of the nation’s oldest popular competitions with the purpose to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives.


Who can participate?
Registration is open to all students from Grade 1 through Grade 5 of elementary school. KG Students can register to only receive the materials if the student likes to review the wordlist.


What to expect?
Student / Parent orientation will be held to provide the community with an overview about the program. Word lists will be provided for the students to prepare on their own. A preliminary written round will be held, and a final oral round will follow that. A School Champion, a Runner Up, and Grade Level Champions will be selected after the final round. All participants will receive a participation certificate. The school Champion will represent Rosa Parks at the regional level. Like any other enrichment program, we will need volunteers to run this program smoothly. Sign-up links will be available online for parents when you register your student.


How to Register?
Registration dates Registration for 2023-24 is open now through October 31st, 2023.




To register - Login in to your PTSA account. You will find under My Account -> Spelling Bee Registration for <Student Name> to register your child to participate in the school-level spelling bee competition before the deadline. Or visit this link and scroll down.


Note: This registration is to let the Spelling Bee Chairs of Rosa Parks PTSA know that your student will participate, However, there is another registration needed to the online spelling bee platform to participate in the prelim round. Please participate in the orientation to know more about it.


What to expect after registering?
Spelling Bee Materials will be emailed to you when you finish your registration along with the registration confirmation. Check your email that is a confirmation email from Rosa Parks PTSA to download the materials. If the link doesn’t work, please right click and choose “save as” to download the materials. There is a “Read Me” file in the zip file that you will be receiving that explains the files you received.


Once registered, please plan to join the Spelling Bee Orientation meeting to know more about what to expect next.  





Volunteers are needed for this program’s success; without enough volunteers, we can’t run the prelim round. Volunteers will be provided orientation before the written round, and they will help proctor the students online. You can also email your volunteering interest for this program directly to SpellingBee@rosaparksptsa.org


Important Dates:

  • Parent Orientation Date: October 27th, 2023, Friday, 6PM to 7PM (online)
  • Registration Deadline: October 31st, 2023, Tuesday 11:59 PM
  • Volunteer Orientation Date: November 3rd, 2023, Friday 6PM to 7PM (online)
  • Written Round: December 1, 2023, Friday, 6 PM (online)
  • Oral Round: Jan 26, 2023, Friday, Time TBD (in-person)
  • Local Spelling Bee – Not Conducted by Rosa Parks PTSA. Regional Spelling Bee of King and Snohomish County. TBD
  • Nationals – Not Conducted by Rosa Parks PTSA.  For State Representing Spellers. TBD.



1. How do I learn more about School Spelling Bee?
Please visit during orientation day to learn more about this program.


2. How do I make my child participate?

Please complete and submit the registration form that is found on the Rosa Parks PTSA website before the mentioned deadline.


3. Our family is out of town for the written round preliminary/final round for the school-level spelling bee, can we retake it.

We cannot provide another date for any reason as it is measured against other participants. Try again next year.


4. How does my child prepare?

We will provide the word list and recommended books to self-study (supplied from the Scripps National Spelling Bee recommendation). Parents can point their students to Merriam-Webster dictionary and online tools to learn spelling and pronunciation and/or help them prepare. Parents can form their own spelling group and take turns to help your group of students learn new words. The Spelling Bee Chair or the Rosa parks PTSA won’t be preparing the students to participate in this event.



Special Note


  • Students who are Homeschooled but zoned to Rosa Parks,
  • Students zoned to Rosa Parks but visiting another school for Quest Program,
  • Students visiting Rosa Parks for Pull Out Quest,

the Rosa Parks enrichment programs such as Math Challenge, Passport Club, Spelling Bee are open to enroll.

Please have an account created on our website www.rosaparksptsa.org and register to the program before deadline choosing the appropriate teacher assignment that suits your situation. 

For Teacher assignment Please choose one of the two while enrolling:

  • Zoned to Rosa Parks (Home Schooled / Quest)
  • Visiting Rosa Parks (Pull out Quest)

Please note such students will not be included for any awards or recognition at this point by the program chairs of any of these enrichment programs.


Please note for Spelling Bee, such students (Grade 1 to Grade 5) can register and get the materials for your self-study and are also allowed to participate in the written round online but will not be graded to move to the next round.



Who do I contact with questions and feedback?

Please write to Pooja Singh and/or Lakshmi Venkatachalam at SpellingBee@rosaparksptsa.org 





Grade 1: Winner - Lisa K., Runner-up - Anagh D.
Grade 2: Winner - Rithanya Sai K., Runner-up - Romil P.
Grade 3: Winner - Silas M., Runner-up - Avyan H.
Grade 4: Winner - Aarna K., Runner-up - Bhargav K.
Grade 5: Winner - Lakshana A., Runner-up - David M.
Thank you to all participants of the Spelling Bee. Your spelling skills are un-beelievable! Congratulations to the following grade-level winners and runners-up! And a special congratulations to the School Champion, Aarna K. from 4th grade, who will represent Rosa Parks in the Regional Spelling Bee. Lakshana A. from 5th grade was the School Runner-up. The winning word was "annulment".
A special thank to Mr. Jim Anderson for his time and effort in making the program successful another year again, as well as to our PTSA Board volunteers Jackie and Lizzy who were there the whole evening to observe and help run the competition smoothly.

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