Volunteer Orientation Presentation

WHAT can I do as a volunteer at Rosa Parks?
Opportunities to volunteer are limited at this time. Some examples of volunteer needs:

PTSA Board Member - Hold a position on the PTSA Board of Directors for a year (or more). Help make decisions surrounding our school and PTSA. PTSA Board meetings occur once a month. General Membership Meetings occur approximately 4-5 times during the school year. Our meetings are currently virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions. More info on current open positions here

PTSA Volunteers - Chair or co-chair a one-time event such as Back to School Dance, International Night, Science Night, Book Fair, Pancake Breakfast, End of School Party, etc.

Classroom Help 

Assisting around the School 


WHERE can I find volunteer opportunities?

1. Back to School Packet - please indicate that you would like to receive information regarding future volunteer opportunities this school year 

2. Puma Info Make sure to create an account to receive our weekly Newsletter and/or look at the Puma Info Archive here.

3. Classroom - ask your child's teacher how can you help 

4. Bulletin Board (located in front of the office)

5. Attend the Volunteer Orientation - on September 15th at 9 am in the Art Room

6. Rosa Parks PTSA Website - View the volunteer menu for updated volunteer opportunities

7. Social Media - Follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date info, including volunteer opportunities. 


How can I volunteer? 

All Lake Washington School District volunteers must be approved by the district. Here are a few tips and reminders about the volunteer application process:

  1. Volunteer applications are processed via the Raptor system and are good for two years.

  2. Volunteers who are approved can log into their Raptor Volunteer Portal to check the expiration date of their volunteer application.

  3. Volunteers can also contact Volunteer Program Supervisor Chris Robison to check their status.

  4. Reminder emails will be sent out 30 days before an application is due to expire.

What about Microsoft Matching Program? 

Microsoft Volunteer Match Benefit Program 

Microsoft employees can help Rosa Parks PTSA get money for their volunteer hours. Volunteer for the school and submit a match request at the MS Giving portal. There is no longer a minimum number of hours that must be reached to be match eligible. Microsoft matches $25 for every volunteer hour for the employee. Employees have a total of $15,000 in matching funds which can be used for matching donations of money, product, or time to eligible organizations. The match limit is reset each calendar year on January 1st. 


What should I do if my question is not listed here? Read the volunteers’ handbook here. 


For more information, contact Co-VP Volunteers and Services at volunteers@rosaparksptsa.org 



Upcoming Events

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Corporate Matching!

Many local companies match donations to non-profit organizations so you can get your donations matched. Please check with your employer to find out if the money you donate to the Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA can be matched.

Microsoft employees to donate via the Microsoft Give program to get their donations matched. https://microsoft.benevity.org/

For information on other companies, go here