This is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to provide extra funds to our school's PTSA. Our programs rely on your donations as well as your corporate matching! Many local companies match donations to non-profit organizations so you can get your donations matched. Please check with your employer to find out if the money you donate to the Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA can be matched. Rosa Parks Elementary is an IRC Sec. 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Here are a few companies we know of with matching programs, but if your company is not listed and you know they have a matching program, please let us know! This list may have changed so be sure to check with your company.



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Abbot Easymatch
Boeing Cybergrants
Expedia Inc  
GE Foundation GE Foundation
Getty Images  
Google Benevity
Home Depot Giving Programs
Intel Easymatch
Medtronic Easymatch
Merrill Lynch Easymatch
Microsoft Benevinity
Real Networks Easymatch
Starbucks Cybergrants
US Bank Easymatch
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo



Do you have a Corporate Matching program?

Many companies match charitable donations made by employees. Many companies also pay our school for your volunteer hours, so if you volunteer regularly, please check with your HR department.


We are doing great things here at Rosa Parks and your membership shows you support our efforts, and helps us advocate for change. Memberships are only valid for a school year.

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Together, we sponsor many programs and activities for our students, parents, and staff. Please consider helping us do this by making a donation today.

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