International Night


Thank you to all the table hosts for your generosity! We loved learning more about India, Taiwan, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Kazakhastan, Palestine, Lebanon, Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine, Great Britain, England, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Spain.
Thank you to all volunteers that made this event possible!! Avinanda D., Keila S., Esther L., Haifeng S., Ranjita D., Haiying X., Abha J., Nupur M., Shyamala S., Pavithra G., Shwetha R., Nupur B, and Gloria M.
SPECIAL THANKS!! to Mrs. Otto, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Sikora for their help with the kids' cultural parade!


Spring Festival


To all the volunteers who helped out at our Spring Festival on Friday - Thank you for all your time and hard work!  We couldn't have done such a successful event without you!  Thank you, Monica, Veronica, Gloria, Chitra, Ashish, Chinna, Rosa, Esther, Jennifer, Abha, Haiying, Aarthi, Harini, Nicole, Garima, Lakshmi, Pavithra, Douglas, Dylan, Garima, Trupti, and Irene


Spelling Bee


Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us proctor the students on the first round on December 17th, 2021, giving their valuable time to this program! - Mansi G., Preeti A., Roohi M., Md H., Irene Y., Stacy S., Deyaaeldeen A., Shyamala S., Aarthi S., Ashwani M., Vidhi J., Mayuri G., Mary K., Pooja S., Narsi V., and Misha S.


Thank you to our amazing Spelling Bee Chair, Lakshmi Venkatachalam!


Vision and Hearing Screening


Thanks for your help! Preeti, Shwetha, Deyaaneldeen, Nupur, Neil, Gerel, Lavanya, Chinna, Anvi, Heejeong, David, Seonhui, Mary, Jing, Priya, Dareen, Mrudula, Michelle, Shyamala, Pooja, Madhavi, Josephine, Natalie, and Irene.


Back to School Party


Back to School Party was a big success because of YOU! Thank you to Radha A., Kimmie M., Indu B., Preeti A., Pooja S., Kay B., Tina G., Aarthi S., Irene Y., Shyamala S., Nicole A., Elena B., Jeana B., Susmitha M., Akshila L., Deepa G., Elizabeth F., Chinna H., Jill T., Monica L., Gloria M., and Hema Y.




Corporate Matching!

Many local companies match donations to non-profit organizations so you can get your donations matched. Please check with your employer to find out if the money you donate to the Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA can be matched.

Microsoft employees to donate via the Microsoft Give program to get their donations matched.

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