What an Amazing Evening we had! With 18 tables participating sharing delicious treats, and knowledge about their cultures!
Thank you to all the table hosts for your generosity! We loved learning more about India, Taiwan, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Kazakhastan, Palestine, Lebanon, Philippines, Singapore, Ukraine, Great Britain, England, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Spain. 
Thank you to all volunteers that made this event possible!! Avinanda D., Keila S., Esther L., Haifeng S., Ranjita D., Haiying X., Abha J., Nupur M., Shyamala S., Pavithra G., Shwetha R., Nupur B, and Gloria M. 
SPECIAL THANKS!! to Mrs. Otto, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Sikora for their help with the kids' cultural parade!

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